Looks like just a normal plain jane Stealth ES - right?  See below!

91 Dodge Stealth - (Shown with old Wheels and no Spoiler)

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Congratulations.  You stumbled on the number 1 landing page for google keywords "dodge stealth police".  I don't know why this page still gets so many hits.  This 1991 Dodge Stealth ES was never really a Law Enforcement Vehicle.  20 years ago I worked for the Nation's Largest Distributor of Public Safety Equipment. It was outfitted with tons of lights, equipment and decals (Which I don't seem to have any pictures of and were copyrighted, not by me) and used for display and in the Company's sales catalogs.  It looks like an ORDINARY Dodge Stealth from the outside, lending no clue to the "stealth" technology that was covertly being used in the inside.  This is one STEALTH that truly earns it's name. Read on to find out why!!!

The Stealth has long since been SOLD.  This car has been discussed on the 3si boards and other forums over the years.  People wondering why and "That's guy's not a cop...blah blah".  When I drove the car all the red & blue lights and decals were removed.  The siren was disabled and used as an air horn only tied into the main horn.  For all those whining, it was not against the law to have a radar gun, video system, and plain strobes installed in a vehicle, despite what you may think.  I am a HAM Radio operator, so it was legal to have radios and police scanners as well.  Sure it was fun to clock cars going down the road and set off radar detectors, but it was NEVER used to impersonate or display lights when driving.  So get over it.  It was a plain ol ES that looked really cool decked out with State of the Art Police Equipment.  Truly one of a kind at the time. Keep in mind the equipment was installed in this car over 20 years ago.  It was pretty state of the art at the time, (back in 1992) but very unimpressive by today's standards. It was one of the only cars around to have a LCD Video Screen to play back movies (on compact SVHS tapes!) and record the road ahead.  Hidden strobes were uncommon. There was no Ebay to speak of back then and this stuff was hard to get. Now today you have HD screens in cars, DVD's, Digital movies on thumb drives.  Strobes you can buy for a few bucks at a car show.  LED's have all but replaced police strobes and rotators.  Enjoy the car for what is WAS 2 decades ago and relish in our advancements.  It was show stopper back them.


I have TONS of parts for Stealths and 3000GTs!!!

I also still have some of the Police Sirens Strobes, LEDs, Wig-Wags etc. not shown here that I can't sell on EBAY!!

(This is REAL Police & Fire Equipment, not toys and cheap China knock-off stuff)

I have MANY of these cars!  Primarily for Parts.  Check out ALL the Dodge Stealth's & Mitsubishi 3000GT's I have at STEALTHMAN.COM

(Click on any picture for full size photo)

Here's the exterior before the face lift

Front/left view Front View Front\right view Rear/left view

Here's the exterior AFTER new paint, wheels (ugly), & 3000GT rear spoiler

stealthright1.jpg (63175 bytes) stealthfrtlft1.jpg (39692 bytes) stealthback2.jpg (37934 bytes) stealthfrtlfteyes.jpg (37327 bytes)

stealthfrt1.jpg (23119 bytes) stealthfrt2.jpg (27830 bytes) stealthfrteyes2.jpg (34268 bytes) stealthfrteyes1.jpg (37524 bytes)

Here is the old interior

Driver Side Interior Passenger side interior Rear interior view Odometer picture taken earlier in summer.  Mileage is closer to 79K now.

Here is the NEW interior from 95 3000GT

Interior10.JPG (93459 bytes) Interior9.JPG (96750 bytes) interior07.JPG (91826 bytes) interior11.JPG (92896 bytes)

Close-Up of tear in back seat interior06.JPG (85158 bytes) View of Sound Equipment with Rear Seats folded down View of Rear Seats.  3 Power Amps?? WHERE??

Actual view of Center Console Center Console View View of center console (VCR Visable in console and LCD Monitor playing movie) Close Up View of Stereo and LCD monitor

New Interior Labeled

This was a cool cockpit back in 1992!


Here are some photo's of the "extra" equipment. Custom-made Fiberglass and Wood Sub sealed enclosure and Orion AMP is sold. I was told this was one of the nicest Sub speaker boxes made or seen for a Dodge Stealth/3000GT.  I spend days custom making it for perfect bass.  With the hatch closed it could pound you out of the car.  Remember when all that bass was COOL??  I sold it for $50.  Too cheap! I still have the Sony Electronic EQ, Kenwood KAC 1023 (KAC1023 or KAC-1023) and the Rockford Punch 150 as of 3/28/12 for all those emailing me.  Many of you got to this page just searching for a Kenwood 1023 Amp! These are super rare and True Work Horses so I am not going to give it away. This old school amp was the most powerful Kenwood ever made pushing out 1200W into one channel. They hardly ever come up for sale on Ebay and many times they bring good money for non-working units.  This one has been in Storage for 5 years and only lightly used before that....Even then it was never pounded on...

Cockpit closeup Center console View through trunk of Power Amplifiers with Seat Down Top view of Power Amplifiers

Cockpit view (TV) View with Rear Seat folded down (4) 10" Kicker Competition Subs in Custom Enclosure! JVC Remote camera mounted to rear view mirror

Rockford Fosgate Punch 150 for Rear 6x9 Speakers Sony XEC100S Electronic Crossover Orion HCCA-225 Amp for front speakers only Kenwood KAC-1023 1200 W amp (Just for SUBS!)

Detailed view of Center Console Cockpit with call-outs (old interior)

Here are the photo's of exterior flaws before fixing

Close-up of Scratch on Right Quarter Panel (all repaired!) Damage Left Front Fender (All repaired now..see photo below) Rock Chips on Front of car - All Repaired! Front underside view of Hidden K-Band Radar Antenna

Rear view of small dent in Trunk lid (Now Repaired & Spoiler added!) Damage to front right wheel (All wheels replaces with '95 Wheels)

I still have the set of 4 OEM Wheels (Like shown above) off this car although two of them have severe curb rash. (I have sold the center caps)

Here are the photo's of exterior flaws AFTER fixing

Right front fender repaired perfectly!  Key Scratch Gone!  Rear Right Quarter

 Here's the cool stuff (in 1992!)  Remember your average Joe didn't have the internet and Ebay was just a fledgling, so this stuff was not easy to find or buy.

- Whelen Universal 4 head 60 Watt Strobe Power Supply powering 2 clear remote "comet flash"  strobes concealed in the front headlights and 2 clear remote "comet flash" strobes (4 total) concealed in the rear tail lights.  Two lighted remote switches built into console to control front & Rear Strobes separately.

Whelen 4 Head 60 Watt power supply under seat 4 Whelen Clear Hide-Away Strobes in healights and tail lights 

View the strobes closed.       View the strobes raised.

 Click Here to view actual strobe animation in closed position! Click Here to view actual strobe animation in raised position!

(.Gif Files May require a longer download time for slower connections)

These were uninstalled when car sold and were put in my JEEP

(red and blue lights are shown for display to sell the overstock I had bought when Approved Technology went out of business)

- Federal Signal's™ 6-Function Switch Panel SW300 - Although not as pictured above,  my switch panel features (4) 20 Amp fused lighted red rocker switches for Emergency lighting control and 2 other (non-lighted) red rocker switches for siren functions.  My Switch Box WAS a SW300 but has actually been disassembled and custom built into the center console coin tray as show below.

Custom Built 6 feature switch Box (Not as pictured)

(Actual switch photo below in front coin tray of Dodge Stealth)

Actual Switchbox shown

- (1) 100 Watt Siren featuring Wail, Yelp, & Air horn mounted under seat with Remote switches built into console. Once again, this remote siren is custom.  All that can be seen are the two remote switches.

(Picture below shows Passenger Seat removed and the Siren & Strobe Power Supplies)

Pass. Seat removed to show Strobe Power Supply & Siren Control Box

- (1) 100 Watt Speaker concealed in Grille facing downward for maximum reflection of sound.

 100 Watt Speaker mounted behind Grille facing down

- Decatur™ Genesis K band Remote Radar Gun with K band antenna hidden in Grille and custom remote switches custom installed in console.  Also rear antenna was installed at one time inside car at top of hatchback.  Radar is capable of capturing speeds while stationary and in moving mode.  It also has the option added of a remote output for transferring patrol and target speed to a video system as well as the option to add a second rear mounted Radar Antenna. 

Shown in stationary Mode with antenna inside vehicle. Complete Radar System. (extra antenna & cable not included)

Radar Display Unit mounted under steering column Radar Remote Control Buttons Mounted into center console

Since it's introduction in 1991, the Genesis I™ has become the industry standard for high-performance police radar. This supremely engineered unit, which features stationary and opposite direction moving modes of operation, has three display windows: target speed, target speed lock and patrol speed. This Genesis I™ features a K-band antenna. The computer unit measures 6.50 inches wide x 1.75 inches high x 3.75 inches deep (16.3 cm wide x 4.5 cm high x 9.5 cm deep). The wired remote control shown in picture and been disassembled and installed into the center control below gear shift.  Retailed for $1,525.00 with video output.

- Full function JVC SCF007 Police video surveillance system.  Record your DUI arrests!!!  Including wide angle color camera mounted to rear view mirror, the world's lightest and smallest Super VHS-C full function compact Hi-Fi VCR (Yes it can actually record in Super-VHS provided you have compatible tapes!) mounted in center console, and a Full color 3" LCD monitor with VCR remote buttons built into monitor!  The camera features a built in microphone as well as a remote record button and status LED indicators. You can remove this system from the vehicle and use it as a camcorder with the supplied battery pack.  You can also play the VHS-C Tapes on a normal VCR.  This system alone cost over $2000 back then and YES you can play movies on the VCR and watch them on the monitor with full stereo sound though the car's awesome stereo system.  This is one of the only few fully functioning and complete JVC SC F007 Video systems still around in 2012 and still in the case as shown below!  Check out the snob appeal of the suitcase and contents.

View of center console (VCR Visable in console and LCD Monitor playing movie) Cockpit Closeup of LCD Remote Monitor JVC Remote camera mounted to rear view mirror 

Complete In Car "Silent Partner" system Complete Video System in it's own Metal Suitcase! Click to read about the VCR and get a close up view Full function LCD Monitor - Great for Traffic Stops! 

Remote Wide Angle camera with remote record button. Super VHS-C VCR with LCD Monitor in attached mode.


Stealth was sold January 30, 2003

It's old news but watch the video of the CROOKS that stealing the wheels off my 2000 Dodge VIPER   Click HERE for details and Actual Video of the 2 guys Ripping them off!

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